One in four people in the North East who drink alcohol are planning to take on Dry January this year, according to a new survey by Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January.

The organisation Balance encourage people to reduce their consumption – and reduce the impact that alcohol is having on the North East region and are encouraging friends, families and work colleagues to ‘Try Dry’ this January.

A survey by Balance found nearly one fifth of people in the North East have been drinking more since Covid and of those, 79 per cent are increasing or high risk drinkers.

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said ‘It is too easy for regular drinking to creep up and turn into a daily habit but Covid has made this worse. It’s clear that many people are feeling that alcohol is taking over and would like to cut down. Balance has been working to make people in the North East more aware of the harms of alcohol, and its links to cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Taking a month off alcohol can have real positive effects on our health and how we feel. Dry January is a chance to give our bodies a chance to recover and to lose weight, feel more alert, get fitter and a chance to take back control of our relationship with alcohol.’

The Try Dry App has been developed so people can track their units, calories and money saved throughout the month, and set personalised goals throughout the month.

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