Every Customer Counts in Ashington

Northumbrian Water wants to help every single one of their customers to save money, save energy, save money, prevent blockages, report leaks, take advantage of priority services and get help with their bill if they need it.

We all need a little extra support at some point in our lives to help makes a bit easier. There a lots of ways in which Northumbrian Water can help and these can include providing alternative formats of bills, registering a password for home visits, offering a translation service and support in the event of an interruption to your water supply.

They are also offering everyone in Ashington the opportunity to sign up for a free home visit with a qualified plumber. This will include money, energy and water saving advice as well as potentially fix any leaks and fit water saving devices throughout your home. To sign up and receive up to £130 worth of free water saving products for your home, visit www.nwl.co.uk/everydropcounts or call 0800 953 0130.

Victoria Carr, Northumbrian Water’s Community Engagement Coordinator, is working with Ashington-based community groups, businesses and leaders to make sure that everyone benefits from the scheme before the end of October. Victoria has been attending events and sharing information about all of the help and advice Northumbrian Water can provide free of charge.

To find out more about how Northumbrian Water can help you, a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour, please visit www.nwl.co.uk/Ashington.