My name is Pauline Thompson and I represent the Hirst Ward on Ashington Town Council.  

I was previously a Councillor on Wansbeck District Council and I was elected as the first Ashington Town Mayor in June 2009.  I currently represent the Town Council on the Local Multi Agency Problem Solving Partnership (LMAPS).

I am particularly interested in environmental matters, the regeneration of Ashington and I am committed to community involvement.  

Apart from Town Council business I work voluntarily as Company Secretary for a large youth organisation in Northumberland.  I also volunteer on a regular basis with the Women's Health Advice Centre, the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank and the Filipino League of Wansbeck as well being a member of NHS Link.  I was a forming member of Target Hirst North Residents Group. 

I have various contacts with groups and individuals with physical and mental disabilities and I help organise monthly recreational visits to leisure facilities for younger disabled people.  I also run the Alligator Klub for adults with learning disabilities which meets monthly in Ashington.