20 Questions to Help Shape the Future of Ashington

In 2012 Ashington Town Council carried out the first resident’s survey in the town. Over 2,000 residents participated in the survey at that time and gave us a wealth of information about what they thought of and wanted for Ashington. The information was used to help us and partner organisations, including Northumberland County Council, to undertake a programme of local improvements and regeneration schemes in Ashington. 

In the last five years a number of improvements and developments have taken place, or are underway, including the opening of the new Leisure Centre, the re-design and opening to traffic of Station Road and the commencement of major plans for Town Centre regeneration. On a smaller scale, the Town Council directly undertook the work for the Ashington Memorial Garden, installation of new bus shelters, a planned programme of new, larger ground-mounted litter bins to tackle litter problems, and more recently the installation of a new Town Centre CCTV system and town-wide highways interactive speed signs.

There is still, however, much to be done and completed in Ashington, not least completion of the regeneration work in the Town Centre. We would now like to take stock of where we are and how you think things have changed over the last 5 years. As a Town Council, it’s particularly important to us that all households get a real chance and opportunity to have a direct say and input. We are launching a major all household residents survey to again find out what residents really think and how they’d like to see Ashington continue to improve and move forward. The results of this survey will be very important to us and will help the Town Council and others to understand residents’ views of Ashington, their own local neighbourhoods, what services residents would like to see improved and how they feel about living in Ashington. Just as we did in 2012, we guarantee that we will:

  1. Listen to your views and treat them as confidential and anonymous. If you choose to provide your personal details they will be used only for the purposes of this survey and we will ensure that no personal information is passed to any third-party organisations.
  2. Publish the results of the survey in a newsletter to all households.
  3. Wherever we can, act upon what you have said to try to make sure that Ashington is a good town to live in with not just a proud past but a positive future.

All households in Ashington will receive a Residents Survey Form during the first two weeks of May. Please return it as soon as possible in the FREEPOST envelope provided – no stamp is needed. If any resident would like help filling in the form please call free on telephone: 08000 141 590. Alternatively residents can complete the survey online at www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ashington2018/

Your responses are valued and very important to us and we’d like to encourage as many residents as possible to complete and return the survey. The Town Council is looking for the best possible return rate in order to get the clearest picture of how residents of all ages across the town feel about a range of services and subjects.

All surveys completed and returned to us will be entered into a prize draw to win one of three £50 shopping vouchers. 

Please do take part and let us know how you feel.

For any resident who has not received a Residents Survey Pack please call Ashington Town Council on tel: 01670 624 520 / 620 533 and a pack can be sent in the post.

Thank you in advance for your time and co-operation.