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Climate Change & Environmental Projects

Ashington Town Council's dedicated Climate Change and Environmental Working Group consider and discuss a practical programmes of achievable work, including physical projects, raising awareness, improving knowledge base and educational programmes.


Tree Planting Schemes for Spring 2022.

Ashington Town Council’s Climate Change Working Group was set up to drive the Council towards carbon reducing projects and policies, and tree planting is very high on their agenda.

In the first meeting of the New Year, the Climate Change Working Group recommended three separate tree planting schemes to the Council, all of which were wholeheartedly supported.

Woodhorn Villas, off Woodhorn Road

A Tree planting scheme close to Woodhorn Villas and close to roundabout onto Woodhorn Road.

The scheme will see ten trees planted including, Birch, Field Maple, Holly, Pine, Rowan and Whitebeam.  All of the trees will have tree guards to help promote good growth.

The A197/A1068 junction at the east entrance to the town,

This tree scheme will complement existing tree provision on the entrance location into Ashington and will include three trees, Pine, Rowan and Whitebeam.  Consideration will also be given to possible wildflower / bulb planting.  All the trees will have guards to help promote good growth, while the trees are young.



The largest tree scheme is off Newbiggin Road, opposite the Freeman Way roundabout. 

Opposite the B1334 Roundabout to North Seaton Industrial Estate, will see 24 trees in total being planted, these will include Beech, Horse Chestnut, Lime, Norwegian Maple, Oak and Sycamore.  All the trees will have guards to help promote good growth, while the trees are young.


These are the first of several tree schemes being looked at by the Climate Change Working Group who hope to build up their portfolio of local suppliers and contractors able to deliver schemes.  The trees being planted are semi-mature to maximise carbon capture more quickly, and a more sturdy solution against the elements.

Cllr Jim Lang, Chair of the Climate Change Working Group is pleased the group is gaining some momentum.  “We want to bring properly researched climate conscious projects and initiatives to the Council agenda and make good use of the funding allocated to this purpose.  These schemes are costing over £10k but we want to do so much more.”

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