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Local Group Expands Battle to Save Native Red Squirrels

A local conservation group is waging war against an invasive species that threatens to wipe out one of Britain’s most beloved woodland creatures.

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Climate Change Information & Initiatives

What is happening in the rest of the world?

This page highlights Local, National and International information and Initiatives, from world events to community activities.

Northumberland County Council Climate Change Action Plan

Addressing climate change needs to be acted on urgently which is why Northumberland County Council have declared a climate emergency, and have set goals to make Northumberland carbon neutral by 2030.

Climate change is a significant long-term challenge for the planet and for Northumberland. We are committed to taking action to reduce the impacts climate change will have on all our lives long into the future.

Click here to see Northumberland County Council's latest Climate Change Action Plan that will cover 2021-23.

Northumberland County Council Town & Parish Climate Change Tool Kit

This toolkit aims to provide a starting point for town and parish councils looking to address climate change. It aligns to Northumberland County Council’s (NCC) Climate Change Action Plan 2021-23.

We recently conducted a survey of town and parish councils in Northumberland which asked whether they had declared a climate emergency or had plans to address climate change. Of those who responded a small number said yes but the majority said they would like to create climate plans but needed support and advice to do so.

View the tool kit here

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Northumberland Wildlife Trust has been saving wildlife and wild places and helping people to get closer to nature since 1971.

Connecting people with nature...
We provide a range of educational events and activities for adults, families and schools at our visitor centres and nature reserves, to get people to value the natural world and stand up for wildlife.  

Caring for landscapes...
We look after over 60 nature reserves in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland; places where wildlife can survive and thrive.

Protecting wildlife...
We manage habitat on our reserves, advise other landowners, run projects to help endangered animals and plants and campaign against development on green spaces.

Working with volunteers...
Over 600 volunteers support nature conservation, from tree planting to conducting surveys, planning fundraising activities and assisting with events and education sessions.

Click here to visit the Northumberland Wildlife Trust website and find out more about what you can do to save the insects.


The Woodland Trust

We are the UK's largest woodland conservation charity. Our vision is a UK rich in woods and trees.

Here's how we're making that a reality.

WE PLANT We plant woods and trees to combat climate change, build a greener future for the UK and create havens for wildlife.

WE RESTORE We bring damaged ancient woods back to life, restore those irreplaceable ecosystems so wildlife can thrive once again.

WE PROTECT We save woods and trees from decimation. We stand against needless destruction and lead the fight against tree pests and diseases.

WE CARE We care for over 1,000 woods, keeping them open for you to explore and enjoy. We want to inspire a love for woods and trees for generations to come.

Click here to find out more about The Woodland Trust.

Groundwork North of Tyne

Groundwork NE & Cumbria have a flagship project which has just begun rolling out in Northumberland. Green Doctors offer an independent energy advice service. It has been running successfully in other parts of the North East, offering residents telephone support and home visits which includes installing practical energy saving measures in people's homes, giving free debt support which reduces energy bills, and cutting energy emissions. The result is saving money and energy, and contributing towards carbon saving, net zero goal too. 

Visit the Green Doctors dedicated website for more information. Alternatively, to book a FREE telephone advice call, home visit or workshop: Tel: 07515 327185 or 07976071227, or email:

Green Doctor, helping UK residents stay warm, stay well, and save money on household bills - Groundwork

Green Doctors is looking forward to helping households in Ashington who need support. You can download the poster, fler and newsletter below:

Green Doctors Poster

Green Doctors Flyer

Green Doctors Summer Newsletter

An Introduction to Global Water Wastage

There are many aspects of daily living that have the power to impact the environment negatively. When taking into account every household, business, and service, these factors then have the power to increase environmental damage on a momentous, global scale.

Water waste is just one example of a damaging environmental factor, but it's an extremely significant one. It's very important for individuals, households, and businesses alike to understand the impact of water waste on the environment so that the world at large can work to a more sustainable future.

This helpful guide is about the impact of water waste on the environment. With two-thirds of the global population predicted to live in regions of high water stress by 2025, providing an accurate and deep understanding of this issue is critical.

View the guide here

How to Reduce & Dispose of Our PPE Waste More Responsibly

We cover:

  1. Short-term and long-term effects of PPE damage on the environment
  2. Wider plastic waste and the pandemic
  3. How to safely dispose of PPE used during COVID-19
  4. Advice for reducing the amount of PPE wastage

Here are just a handful of the insights from the guide:

  • In the UK, 784 million PPE items were used in hospitals in just a 53-day period at the start of the pandemic. This equated to 14 million pieces of equipment being thrown away daily.
  • If every person wears a single-use face mask every day for a year, as much as 66,000 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic waste could be thrown away. This would cause damage to marine ecosystems, as well as pollution of natural resources.
  • The sudden need for single-use PPE, bubble wrap for the transportation of online shopping, and numerous other COVID-related factors have directly resulted in a surge in plastic production. Most of this plastic is “new plastic”, rather than recycled plastic - new plastic is far more damaging to the environment but 83-93% cheaper to produce.

What is Climate Change?

Our aim is to create one of the most comprehensive guides on the internet for this topic and at over 10,000 words, the article explores things like human impact on climate change, various strategies and theories to combat climate change, individual action, climate change throughout history, and so much more.


GREEN Tips that will help you reduce your environmental footprint. 



Latest News
Local Group Expands Battle to Save Native Red Squirrels

A local conservation group is waging war against an invasive species that threatens to wipe out one of Britain’s most beloved woodland creatures.

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