A Clean Green Ashington

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A Clean Green Ashington

Ashington Town Council are committed to making Ashington an even better place to live, work and visit.

Working together with the help of Community Groups, Schools, Businesses and Residents we aim to make the Town a cleaner, tidier place to be, with a more positive environmental outlook.


Keeping the country’s streets clean cost local councils almost £700 million last year. Much of this is avoidable litter, and money that could be better spent in the community.

The maximum on-the-spot fine for littering and graffiti has almost doubled from £80 to £150, and for the first time, local authorities can also use these littering penalties against vehicle owners if it can be proved litter was thrown from their car. (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-crackdown-on-litter-louts)

The appearance of the town has a huge impact on residents and visitors.  One way of ensuring the town is clean and tidy is by working together organising community litter picks.

To organise a litter pick ring 01670 620533/624520 or email stephenhumphreyatc@gmail.com

Ashington Town Council has a litter picking pack which community groups and individuals can request by contacting 01670 620533/624520.  The pack consists of litter picker registration/loan form, advice on how to arrange you own litter pick, a safety checklist as well as activities such as litter picking bingo, and activity sheet.


Waste collection and recycling are carried out in Ashington by Northumberland County Council.

Sorting your waste at home.

Recycling bin - paper, cartons and cardboard

Rubbish bin - any items that cannot be recycled such as food waste, plastics other than plastic bottles and nappies

Garden bin - for all garden waste. Subscribers pay per bin per season


Household Waste Recovery Centre
North Seaton Industrial Estate, Castle Island Way, Ashington, NE63 0XL
Open 7 days a week 8.00am to 7.30pm.

There are containers for electrical items, garden waste, car and household batteries, car tyres, juice and milk cartons, engine oil, cooking oil, fridges, DIY waste (charge applies), rubble etc (charge applies)

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK - North Seaton – 01670 854675


Mixed glass, bottles and jars – Locations;

  • White House Club Car Park, 2 High Market, NE63 8PD
  • Comrades Club Rear Car Park, NE63 0ED
  • Northern Club, Ridgeway, Ashington NE63 9TL
  • Ashington Rear Woodhorn Road Car Park, NE63 9AE
  • Hirst Castle Club, NE63 9QH Ashington
  • Wansbeck Square, behind Wilkinson's, off Kenilworth Road, NE63 9XH
  • SUEZ recycling and recovery UK - North Seaton

Mixed textiles and clothes – Locations;

  • Ashington Rear Woodhorn Road Car Park, NE63 9AE
  • Wansbeck Square, behind Wilkinson's, off Kenilworth Road, NE63 9XH
  • SUEZ recycling and recovery UK - North Seaton



Remember you can also donate clothes, books, and bric a brac to local charities, some even take items of furniture.


Dog fouling

While most dog owners pick up after their dogs, there are still a minority of dog owners who don’t!

Dog fouling is an all too common occurrence which is not only insightful but dangerous as well.








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