An early spring clean reveals radiant results

An early spring clean reveals radiant results

Spring is just around the corner, and although there is cold spell coming, the sunshine prompts an early spring-clean. Ashington Town Council is getting their assets in good order, thanks to our Neighbourhood Services Officer, Mark Air.

Bus Shelters are part of a monthly inspection and a quarterly deep clean.  The results of the deep clean are impressive and Mark is working his way around over fifty shelters.  There are plans to replace several shelters this year, and more over the next few years, depending on an assessment of their lifespan and how well they are servicing the needs of users.

The Miners Wheel on Rotary Parkway has also been rejuvenated and is rightly looking resplendent in the sunshine.  The Miners Wheel was installed in 2017 to mark the 150th Anniversary of Ashington as a former mining town.  A short film is available on YouTube that explores the Ashington Miner (1972).  For more information on Ashington’s mining heritage, visit Woodhorn Museum.

Whether you are out with the dog, getting in your 10,000 steps or cycling, its nice to take a break for a while.  Ashington Town Council is responsible for public seats and our early spring-clean is seeing shrubbery cut back and seats checked to make sure everything is in order.  The featured seat off the cycle path of the A197 is used by walkers and is one of many that have been attended to and is looking all the better for it.

You can find the details of Ashington Town Council’s responsibilities and services on our website.  Please report any issues or damage using the contact us link.

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