Civic Head Attends Readley Christmas Afternoon Tea

Civic Head Attends Readley Christmas Afternoon Tea

Civic Head, Councillor Victor Bridges, has today attended a Christmas fundraising and awareness event for the Readley Charity, at the Grand Hotel in Sunderland.

The Readley Charity was launched, in 2015, by Samantha Cox in memory of her father Paul Readhead.  The Charity provides practical support to those who have suffered from Asbestos, particularly through Mesothelioma.  During her father’s illness Sam gained a personal experience of mesothelioma that highlighted the need for a holistic approach, encompassing emotional, physical, social and financial wellbeing in tackling the disease and its effects.

The Charity works closely with Mesothelioma UK in supporting those suffering from the effects of asbestos and Mesothelioma.  Support includes home visits, signposting and monthly support meetings (both on-line and face to face across the NE).  Practical advice on benefits and compensation is also provided working with partners. The Charity in the NE is supported by Leah Taylor, form Mesothelioma UK, who is a specialist on the disease as well as the support that is available.

A number Civic of dignitaries from across the North East attended the event today, enjoying afternoon tea with service users, staff and volunteers. In the photograph is Cllr. Bridges with other dignitaries and Samatha and representatives of the charity.

Cllr. Bridges enjoyed the event and said; ‘I would encourage anyone from Ashington who is, or has a family member, suffering from Mesothelioma to get in touch with the Readley charity.  The charity, working with Mesothelioma UK, provide a range of practical support, often in very difficult situations.’  

For more information please contact the Readley Charity by clicking this link.

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