Civic Head Attends Veterans and Elders Institute's Volunteer Celebration

Civic Head Attends Veterans and Elders Institute's Volunteer Celebration

The Civic Head, Cllr Victor Bridges was delighted to be invited to the recent Volunteer Celebration Night at the Ashington Veterans and Elders Institute. It was a pleasure for the Civic Head to attend along with his wife for a night of games and entertainment. 

Volunteers and Funders enjoyed the celebration of the Veterans and Elders Institute's impactful community service events and initiatives.  The Institute's dedication and contributions to the Ashington community are deeply appreciated.

On behalf of Ashington Town Council, we extend our congratulations and gratitude to the Institute for its meaningful work empowering and enriching the lives of Ashington residents. We look forward to continued partnership and collaboration in serving this community we all care about.

The Ashington Veterans and Elders Institute reported on it's Facebook page; "Absolutely cracking night tonight at the institute. The fabulous Alfie Dobson sings put on another stomping show for us...that's the third time we've had him here and it won't be the last - brilliant!  This was a free night for our amazing supporters, put on thanks to a donation from Asda Ashington...  60 plus active invited supporters of the institute had a night on bingo, free quiz, free raffle, free tea and coffee and free pies and a token of our appreciation for their amazing connections with us.  We even had the Civic Head of Ashington Town Council, Victor Bridges and his wife join us.  Thanks to Glenton's Bakery for another batch of perfect food, thanks to everyone who set up, served, cleared away, sang along, called the bingo and organised another super quiz...."

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