Raise Funds for Your Cause with Northumberland Lottery

Raise Funds for Your Cause with Northumberland Lottery

Does your group or charity need an innovative way to raise money online? The Northumberland Lottery offers a unique fundraising opportunity for local good causes.

This exciting weekly lottery generates proceeds for participating Northumberland groups and organisations. As a beneficiary, you'll receive 50% from every £1 ticket sold that features your cause. That means substantial earnings at no upfront costs, with the potential for stable, long-term funding.

The lottery raises awareness for your group and organisation across Northumberland as well. Your cause will gain visibility in the community when players engage to support you.

Providing vital assistance for important local efforts, Northumberland Lottery gives good causes in Northumberland a new way to grow support. Raising essential funds for your work has never been easier.

Learn more about enrolling your group, organisation or charity today here; Boost your cause's fundraising with Northumberland Lottery - Northumberland Lottery

Support Local Causes, Play the Northumberland Lottery

The Northumberland Lottery is a exciting weekly lottery that raises funds for groups and charities in your local community. All proceeds go towards organisations that benefit Northumberland residents.

By playing the lottery, you directly support groups doing vital work across Northumberland. It's an easy way to make a difference!

Tickets are just £1 per week. With great odds of 1 in 50, you have a better chance to win than bigger lotteries. Every Saturday, a six digit number is drawn. Prizes are awarded to tickets matching the first or last 2 to 6 digits. Match all six and you could win the £25,000 jackpot!

Each £1 ticket is more than just a chance to win. It's a chance to positively impact Northumberland causes that matter most. Play today!

Find out more here: ttps://www.northumberlandlottery.co.uk/support/find-a-good-cause



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