Civic Head Attends Ashington Male Voice Choir Concert

Civic Head Attends Ashington Male Voice Choir Concert

The Ashington Male Voice Choir held their annual concert this past Saturday, May 18th at the Holy Sepulchre Church. The prestigious event was attended by the Civic Head of Ashington, Cllr Victor Bridges.

In addition to the full choir numbers, there was also a performances by several choir members showcasing their talents.

"It was a truly enjoyable evening of magnificent singing and entertainment," said Cllr Bridges after the concert. "The Ashington Male Voice Choir is a point of pride for our community and it's always a pleasure to attend their annual concert."

The choir was founded in 1916 and has a long tradition of performing annual concerts as well as taking part in competitions and other events across the region.

Cllr Bridges emphasised the importance of supporting local arts organisations like the choir. "Groups like this are vital for preserving our cultural heritage and providing opportunities for people of all ages to explore their artistic talents," he said.

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