Reviving Traditions: Northumberland Miners' Picnic 2024 Shines Bright

Reviving Traditions: Northumberland Miners' Picnic 2024 Shines Bright

This past Saturday, the heart of Northumberland beat with pride and joy as the annual Miners' Picnic made a triumphant return to Woodhorn Museum. The event, steeped in rich mining heritage, drew crowds from far and wide, celebrating the indomitable spirit of our community.

The day began with a poignant Miners Memorial Service, a solemn tribute to those who toiled beneath the earth. High Sheriff of Northumberland, Lucia Bridgeman, graced the occasion, laying a wreath in remembrance. "It was a great honour to be invited," Mrs. Bridgeman remarked, praising the beautifully organized service.

Gratitude echoed for Father Chris, Father Anthony, Mr. Arthur Lodge-Johnston, and Mr. Paul Slaughter, who led the service with reverence. Former NUM President Ian Lavery's closing address resonated deeply. Cllr Caroline Ball, Civic Head of Ashington, proudly laid a wreath on the town's behalf, touched by her role in reading the order of wreath-laying.

The service was elevated by the soulful performances of Brass Marras and Ashington and District Male Voice Choir, their music a fitting tribute to the miners' legacy.

As the afternoon unfolded, Woodhorn Museum transformed into a vibrant hive of activity. Families basked in the sunshine (and showers), enjoying an array of activities. Children's laughter mingled with the strains of live music, while food stalls offered local delicacies, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity.

The Northumberland Miners' Picnic 2024 wasn't just a nod to the past; it was a vibrant celebration of our community's resilience and future. As the sun set on a day of remembrance and revelry, one thing was clear: the spirit of the miners lives on, stronger than ever. Visit Woodhorn Museum - cick on the link below.

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Northumberland Miners Picnic 2024

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